My name is Tracy.  I love to travel and take pictures.  My passion for photography and adventure is inspired by my love for travel, color, light and texture - the wonder of experiencing new places is what drives me to document them in photographs. 

I get to travel for my day job - which I absolutely love!  When I am traveling for work, I try to make time before or after my work day to enjoy the city I am in; whether it's getting up early for scenic hikes, trying out an interesting place for dinner, or setting up my camera late in the evening to catch some glimmering night shots.  And I have been known to hang out of  the side of a helicopter to take aerial shots.  

Enjoy my photos, check out the store, and read about my most recent trips on my new blog, Travelography.  I hope you will find inspiration for your next adventure - whether it's a short hike before your work day starts or a nice long vacation!

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