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A Short Walk in Charleston, SC

I went for a short walk in the early morning along the Waterfront Park in the French Quarter in Charleston, SC. It was early March and a bit chilly; the air was clean and crisp and the sky was light blue with a bit of orange on the horizon.

Then a little stroll along the water. It was so quiet and serene.

The park is full of neatly manicured walkways, trees, and gardens, with plenty of benches to relax on. There are a few fountains in the park, but the Pineapple fountain really caught my attention this morning. (The pineapple motif is common in Charleston and represents hospitality.) The orange light coming from the sunrise was creating a beautiful glow through the water - and I had to go in closer to catch some of the light.

I followed up this walk with a free warm coffee in the lobby of the Vendue Inn. By the way, I totally loved this hotel - trendy decor with a vintage feel and great amenities. The staff was also very attentive and friendly. I highly recommend them!

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